Tuesday, 5 February 2013


I am on a mission.

A mission to organize my home.

OK, not so much a mission as an obsession.

It all started a couple of years ago when I found cute storage bins at a thrift shop.

"I gotta have these to store toys in". Into the cart they went.

So the obsession began. I pursued every organization blog out there .

Re-arranged rooms to the point that my husband was ready to scream.

I am never 100% satisfied with how I have organized. I am always making changes and adjustments.

I am hoping one day to find the perfect combination or organization and functionality for my home.

Stainless steel buckets, wicker baskets, plastic file folders, glass jars.

Forget roses, these are the things that get my heart racing!

Upcycling an old milk crate into a cute little storage ottoman?? Yes please!

Old mint tins to hold elastic bands? yup

Hello my name is Michelle and I am addicted to organizing.

and I am not sure I want help!

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